Vacation to Atuh Beach? Here is the Info About It!

Bored with the expected beach tourism spot on Bali island? Surprisingly, you can shift to the southeast and visit Atuh Beach in Nusa Penida. Interested? Here are a few major pieces of information you should know about Atuh Beach Nusa Penida.

About Atuh Beach Bali Nusa Penida

atuh beach nusa penida view

Having many beautiful tourist destinations, one of the beaches you should visit is Atuh Beach. In detail, Atuh beach is a white sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs like a giant wall.

To get to the beach, steps or stairs are engraved on the cliff wall in Atuh Beach. You can go down the stairs to reach the main point of Atuh Beach. Generally, it only takes a little time. So far, people only took about 10 minutes to walk from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

How to get to Atuh Beach? Located in Nusa Penida, in order to get to this beach, you can take advantage of sea transportation. You can go to the port of Padang Bai or Sanur Pier to get sea transportation to Nusa Penida. It takes little time. In fact, the trip only takes about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the ocean wave's condition.

How about the Atuh beach entrance fee? Entrance tickets to Atuh Beach are cheap and affordable compared to other tourist spots in Bali and Nusa Penida. The ticket fee you need to pay to enter this beach is around IDR 5,000.

What about the opening hours? This beach is open 24 hours. That means you can come anytime you wish. However, you are not advised to go to this beach at night. The main reason, of course, is for your safety and security. Dark locations and no lifeguard supervision can be very dangerous.

Then when is the best time to come to this place? You can visit this place in the morning and during the day. Besides enjoying the view, you can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks from stalls that are still open at that time.

Things You Can Do in Atuh Beach

There are several things you can do on this beach. The activity that most people recommend is watching the Atuh Beach sunrise. Surprisingly, this beach has an extraordinary view of the sunrise.

Furthermore, you can relax while enjoying various snacks people sell in stalls along this beach. Another option is you can sunbathe while drinking coconut water or iced tea. As well as eating some local food while enjoying the beach view.

Can you swim at Atuh Beach? Yes, you can. In fact, some tourists do cliff jumps for fun. Furthermore, you can also try Atuh Beach snorkeling and see the beauty of coral reefs and marine life on this beach.

Simple Tips for You

Since you will walk down many stairs to get to the beach, you need to pay attention to the footwear you will use. Therefore, it would be best to wear comfortable footwear for your own comfort.

In addition, remember to bring clothes for changes, especially if you want to play in the water, like swimming and snorkeling.

Thus various information related to this Atuh beach. If you want to visit this beach but need clarification about preparing the accommodation and the transportation? You can take advantage of local tour services like Private Tour Nusa Penida.

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