5 Best Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

All tourist destinations around the world are fantastic. Nusa Penida Island, for example, is surrounded by crystal clear waters where you can see the underwater beauty. However, if you never snorkel before, you need to learn some snorkeling tips before flying to Bali Island.

Snorkeling may seem easy and fun. But it is nothing like swimming in the pool. You are going to access the open water and there will be many things that make you panic. Fogging or leaking masks, anxiety, and uncomfortable fins are some things you need to anticipate before jumping into the ocean.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Beginners

easy snorkeling tips for Beginners

No one is going to be an expert snorkeler in the first trial. First-time snorkeling in the open water will be harder if you were only practicing in the backyard pool. However, there are many things that will help you feel comfortable when snorkeling in the ocean. Below are some of those things.

  • Finding the fittest equipment

Wearing snorkeling gear that won’t fit you will cause many troubles. Get snorkeling gear that fits you and take it with you when you travel all around the world. If you decide to rent the equipment and it doesn’t fit you, you may feel uncomfortable and panic when you are in the water.

These first snorkeling tips are crucial since panicking inside the open water is dangerous. Pick a snorkeling mask that will stick to the face for several seconds. Pick a snorkeling fin that will fit snugly but won’t hurt your feet. Choose fins that have the same size as your shoes.

  • Learn basic skills

To get better at snorkeling, you need to learn some basic snorkeling skills. The first thing to learn is how to breathe through your snorkel. This may feel weird at the beginning so you need to get yourself used to it. Wear your snorkeling gear to swim around in the pool.

Or you can take your snorkeling gear to the shallow area of a beach before you start plunging into a deeper part. Then you must learn how to clear the water out of the snorkeling mask. You need to be comfortable in performing those skills so you won’t panic when the ocean water enters your mask.

  • Snorkeling tips: choosing the best location

Everyone is visiting Bali and Nusa Penida to snorkel and dive in the best spots. However, beginners need to find the best spot for snorkeling. The ideal spot to snorkel for beginners is the ocean with calm waters and not too crowded but has much marine life you can see.

Some essential tips for snorkeling for beginners include avoiding places where the waves or currents are strong. The waves will reduce your underwater visibility. If you can’t see what’s under the water clearly, you may freak out and harm yourself.

  • Relax and reduce your effort

The next of many snorkeling tips is to relax and stay calm. You need to swim slowly before taking deep and steady breaths. Don’t overanalyze but enjoy your new experience. Swimming will take some of your energy, especially if you are not wearing your finds or you move rapidly.

When you snorkel in the open water, you don’t have to swim with your arms. Your legs that are wearing fins should be able to move you several times while you are exploring underwater life. Don’t kick too hard since it will create splashes that scare away all marine animals in the water.

  • Don’ts in diving tips

Now, if you are ready to jump into the sea and enjoy the beautiful life under the water, don’t do many things. Don’t touch corals since they are super fragile. Kicking or touching them with your fins is going to cause serious damage.

Don’t feed turtles and fishes you see under the water. Feeding those marine animals is fun but this is going to mess up those animals’ natural ecosystem. This will also influence the behavior of those marine animals. Avoid using harmful sunscreen that will cause reef damage. Use biodegradable ones.

After learning those snorkeling tips, it is time to practice your new skills in the best snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida. Book your trip to Nusa Penida Island with snorkeling activities here and let our team take you to the best snorkeling spots for beginners or professionals.

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