Tips When You Visit Khamara Beach Club

What does "beach club" mean? Bali's famous beach club tour concept. In fact, each tourism manager has its own beach club including Khamara Beach Club which is packed with tourists.

Khamara Beach Club is located in Ped, southern Nusa Penida. If measured by distance, this beach club is about 10 minutes from Toya Pakeh harbor and 15 minutes from Buyuk harbor.

This place is newly opened, so you won't find much information on other sites, but I'll try to give you an idea of Khamara Beach Club in outline for your reference in finding a place to hang out in Nusa Penida.

Khamara Villa and Beach Club

To quote an ITS article, "Beach Club" is a term that combines the words beach and club (entertainment venues that provide entertainment in the form of music, dancing, food, or drinks, often called pubs or bars).

Beach clubs are often found in areas and islands surrounded by the sea, as their main purpose is to take advantage of the beauty of the sea, such as Bali.

Many luxury hotels in Bali offer beach club facilities in their back areas, which not only serve food and beverages but also offer pools as ancillary facilities.

Most beach clubs require visitors to book in advance of their arrival, especially during the holiday season. This is to secure priority seats for visitors and control the number of visitors for each arrival time slot.

Be sure to book the beach club you want to go to, either by phone, WhatsApp, or their official website. Also, usually all beach clubs have this requirement, so ask which ones the "minimum spend" applies to.

6 Tips When Visit Khamara Beach Club

So if you want to chill out at a beach club, use the "minimum spend" at each beach club as a rough guideline. Please adjust the budget according to the number of visitors and necessary equipment. The more luxury and comfort you add, the more expenses you have to be prepared for.

1. Make a reservation before visiting

Unlike general restaurants and eateries, to secure a spot at the beach club, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance through the contact information. And that means no waiting or confusion if the beach club you go to is full.

You can also ask some questions at the time of booking to avoid confusion when you arrive at the beach club later. From facilities provided to minimum spend or minimum purchase to many other questions you may need,

2. Know the strength of time

It's the busiest destination, especially on weekends and holidays, so you need to understand the intensity of visitors before coming to a beach club. Avoid peak hours and times when beach clubs are extremely busy.

Choose a quiet time as much as possible to calm down and enjoy the atmosphere. Choose a quiet time so you don't feel rushed or keep other visitors waiting for too long.

3. Find your minimum electric bill 

Unlike regular restaurants, Khamara Beach Club offers facilities in the form of a dining area, providing a place to enjoy interesting views adapted to the capacity of the visitor group. There are beach daybeds overlooking the ocean and many other facilities for you to utilize for your leisure time at the beach club.

To utilize this feature, there is a minimum purchase requirement that must be met. But at Khamara Beach Club, there is no minimum order for now, you can just come to enjoy the facilities provided and pay according to your order.

4. Decide which utility to use

Count the number of kits included to determine which utility to use. Make sure the facility you choose matches the total number of people expected to use its capacity.

You can also ask employees explicitly which facilities are suitable. Order a minimum purchase to clearly identify load capacity to avoid costly mistakes.

5. Understand how to order 

Before ordering any food or drink, check the menu for the food and drink you are ordering. Will you like a glass of wine or maybe not? Does anyone have food allergies? Also, choose a secure list if necessary.

If you want to actually see the menu, or you can choose from the menu on the official website or SNS of the beach club you visited, please contact the staff. For groups that require special consideration, such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly, please provide detailed information, such as requests and number of visitors.

6. Respect other visitors and their staff 

There is nothing wrong with showing respect to everyone at the beach club you visit like Khamara beach club, even if you come as a guest. One or both of you should understand that she is only serving two guests, especially if you come during peak hours. If necessary, ask employees directly to avoid misunderstandings.


Khamara Beach Club is a great place to consider hanging out with friends and partners if you visit Nusa Penida.

If you need transportation services in Nusa Penida to visit Khamara Beach Club and other cool places, you can contact the Nusa Penida Tour Team to get private services.

There are Nusa Penida Tour packages that you can choose from according to your needs during your trip, which are sure to be enjoyable as an experienced private guide will always accompany you.

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