Smoky Beach Nusa Penida – A Hidden Gem with Breathtaking View

Smoky Beach Nusa Penida may not be as popular as Kelingking or Kuta Beach. But its beauty will attract anyone who goes there. If you go to Nusa Penida, you should not miss visiting this unique beach. So, what are the special things about this beach? Here is a detailed explanation of Smoky Beach.

How to Get to Smoky Beach

Smoky Beach in Nusa Penida

Smoky Beach is located in Sakti Village. This village is situated on Nusa Penida Island, Klungkung, Bali. As a famous beach in Nusa Penida, Smoky Beach is worth visiting. This beach is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to escape from the busy city because located in a quiet area,

To go to this beach, you must fly to Denpasar City. Then, go to Sanur Port. Take a speedboat to head to Nusa Penida Island. This trip may take 30 minutes. Once you arrive at Toyapakeh Port, go to Smoky Beach by car.

Best Attraction of Smoky Beach

Smoky Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida. If you want to conveniently explore this beach's beauty, you need to book a Nusa Penida Tour. The travel agency will take you to go around this island.

So what are the best things to do in Smoky Beach?

1. Enjoying the View from the Top

The most beautiful scenery of this beach is when the waves hit its cliff. It creates water splashes that look like white smoke. That is why this place is called Smoky Beach. Besides, locals call it Pantai Andus. Andus is a Balinese word that means smoke. 

You can walk on the cliff to see the best view of Smoky Beach. But you should be careful because the surface of the cliff is slippery. The waves may hit the cliff strongly. So, you should not walk near the tip of this cliff.

2. Stroll on the Shoreline

Unfortunately, Smoky Beach is not the best beach to swim in Nusa Penida. Because of its strong waves, tourists are not allowed to swim on this beach. However, you can stroll on the shoreline and see amazing scenery.

3. Capture the Best Moments

Remember to carry a camera to capture the best picture when the waves splash. It will be your greatest photo when you capture the splashing water as the background.

Furthermore, you can also see several rare animals. If you are lucky, you can see rare Pari fish called Mola-Mola. When you are at the top of the cliff, you will see this rare fish swimming.

Other Tourist Destinations Near Smoky Beach

Luckily, Smoky Beach is near other beautiful places in Nusa Penida. For instance, this beach is near Pura Paluang, Pasih Uug or Broken Beach, and Angel's Billabong. You can even go to these destinations on walking.

It takes 15 minutes to walk from Smoky Beach to Broken Beach. Besides, you can reach Angel's Billabong or Pura Paluang in less than 30 minutes. So, you do not need to rent a car to visit several places daily.

Is Nusa Penida worth visiting

Due to the beauty of Smoky Beach Nusa Penida, this island is really worth visiting. This beach has clear water without any seaweed and algae. Besides, it offers a stunning view when the big wave hits the cliffs and creates adorable splashes. So, what are you waiting for? Just book a tour package and see how wonderful this beach is.

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