4 Cool Activities at Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida

Bali is never boring. The main island offers gorgeous destinations to visit while the small islands around Bali have even more beautiful places to visit. One of the best islands around Bali to consider is Nusa Penida Island. This island has a gorgeous beach called Suwehan Beach.

This hidden beach is one of the best beaches on the island. It is easy to reach this beach since the government offers the easiest access for all visitors. To reach the beach, you will have to spend less than twenty minutes. It is close to Atuh Beach, so you may want to visit both beaches in one day.

Best Time to Visit the Gorgeous Beach

white sand suwehan beach

If you are planning to put this beach in your destinations during your trip to Nusa Penida, note the best time to enjoy the beach. This beach is facing east and its position is right under the wonderful cliff. If you come early, you may watch the most beautiful sunrise.

If you visit Suwehan Beach in the afternoon, the beautiful beach won’t give you the best lighting for beautiful photos. There is an outstanding rock in the bay. But you should never swim to the rock since the high tide may be too dangerous for your safety. Take photos of the rock from the beach.

Best Things to Do at The Wild Beach

swiming at suwehan beach

This white-sanded beach is super beautiful. The clear blue water looks so inviting and the waves are not too huge. Is this the best surf beach for all surfers around the world? Before visiting the beach with your surfboard, check out some best activities to do while you are visiting this beach.

1. Swimming

The combination of white sand at the beach and clear water at the sea never fails to invite people. Many visitors to this beach always want to swim for the whole day. However, you should always watch the high tide. Many other beaches in Bali allow you to stay at the beach even when the tide is high.

But the high tide at Suwehan Beach will remove the beach so it will be super hard to stay at the beach. Never ignore the flag set by the locals. The flag is a sign of the end of the safe area. You should never swim across the flag.

2. Taking a lot of selfies

Is Suwehan a sunset beach? Unfortunately, since the beach is facing east, it isn’t the right position to watch sunsets. But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones at this beach. The beach allows you to take beautiful photos with the most amazing background.

If you want to capture memories of a honeymoon trip with your partner, booking a honeymoon package would be the most amazing thing to consider. The package allows you to visit this “private beach” easily. As a bonus, you can ask the driver to take romantic photos of you and your partner at the beach.

3. Visiting Suwehan Beach Tree House

The beach isn’t the only best place to visit. On the top of the cliff behind the beach, there is Suwehan cliff where you can find tree houses. The good news is, visitors can book the house and stay there for one or more nights. However, you should never expect luxury.

There will be a small food shack where you can order meals, comfy beds, and an outside bathroom and shower. The best thing you can do from the top of this cliff is watch the cliffs and the ocean. It is close to the beach down there. You can now book the tree house beach suite online.

4. Meet some marine animals

If you are lucky enough, you will get the chance to meet some marine animals at the beach. Some monitor lizards, sea turtles, and manta rays may let you see them at a glance. However, this is a rare chance and not everyone can meet those animals when visiting the beach.


Nusa Penida Island is always the best location for a honeymoon trip. If you want a romantic trip for your anniversary, consider booking a trip to the island from Nusa Penida Tour. Book a package immediately before many more people figure out the beauty of this Suwehan Beach on the famous island.

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