Nusa Penida 3D2N Snorkeling Tour

The Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour is a complete destination visit for the Nusa Penida Tour, visiting the western, southern and eastern parts of Nusa Penida. Here you can do any activity in all Nusa Penida destinations and enjoy snorkeling activities visiting 4 popular snorkeling spots on Nusa Penida Island.

Our Nusa Penida 3 day tour package includes dinner as a way to overcome the difficulty of finding dining options on Nusa Penida Island. We have handpicked a selection of recommended restaurants to ensure you have a good meal and comfortable meal.

Private Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour includes pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, so you don't have to worry about how to get to the harbor. We will pick you up from your hotel and take you directly to the harbor, where you will board a boat to Nusa Penida Island. Once you have finished your tour, we will drop you back off at your hotel.

Include In The Package

  • Bali Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off Services Using a Private Car
  • Ticket Fast Boat Go & Return
  • Private car in Nusa Penida
  • Petrol
  • English Speaking Driver as Guide
  • Pandawa Resort & Spa Seaview (Include Hotel Package)
  • Breakfast at Hotel (Include Hotel Package)
  • Lunch at Resto 
  • Dinner at Greenkubu Penida
  • Snorkeling Boat Sharing
  • 4 Snorkeling Spots (Manta Bay, Gamat Bay, Crystal Bay, and Wall Point)
  • Snorkel guide and underwater photo documentation
  • Equipment Snorkeling (Mask, Fins, and Life Jacket)
  • Towels and Shower
  • Mineral Water
  • All Entrance Fee
  • All Parking Fee
  • Nusa Penida Retribution Fee
  • Motorbike Taxi at Tembeling Beach and Forest

Package Price List

Price Include Hotel

Snorkeling Boat Sharing
Snorkeling Boat Private
2 Person
IDR 2.750.000/Person
IDR 3.100.000/Person
3 Person
IDR 2.500.000/Person
IDR 2.800.000/Person
4 Person
IDR 2.250.000/Person
IDR 2.550.000/Person
5 Person
IDR 2.150.000/Person
IDR 2.400.000/Person
6 Person
IDR 2.050.000/Person
IDR 2.300.000/Person


Price Without Hotel

Snorkeling Boat Sharing
Snorkeling Boat Private
2 Person
IDR 2.250.000/Person
IDR 2.600.000/Person
3 Person
IDR 1.800.000/Person
IDR 2.100.000/Person
4 Person
IDR 1.650.000/Person
IDR 1.900.000/Person
5 Person
IDR 1.550.000/Person
IDR 1.750.000/Person
6 Person
IDR 1.450.000/Person
IDR 1.650.000/Person


Additional notes:

  • For more than 6 person, please contact us.
  • For children aged 3-10 years only charged IDR 850,000/child
  • Free for babies 2 years and under
  • A private tour, that’s means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion.
  • Payment can be made with IDR or USD cash.
  • Full payment will be made to our staff at Sanur Harbor
  • If you had any concern, please contact +62 812-3705-8474
Pandawa Beach Resort Luxury


Prepare your luggage and let us arrange your travel plans to make them more effective and memorable.

Day 1

  • TBA Pick-up time at your hotel will be adjusted according to the distance from your hotel to Sanur Harbor.
  • 08.00 AM Depart to Nusa Penida by Speedboat, travel time is 45 minutes.
  • 08.45 AM Arriving at Nusa Penida Island. The driver is ready to pick up with a guest nameplate.
  • 10.00 AM Arriving at Broken Beach, You will see a unique cliff beach with a hole in the center like a gate in the middle of the ocean.
  • 11.00 AM Arriving at Angel's Billabong, a natural swimming pool surrounded by cliffs. You can do swimming activities and pay attention to the tides for your safety while swimming.
  • 13.00 PM Arriving at Kelingking Beach, enjoy the beauty of Kelingking Beach from the top of a hill shaped like a dinosaur's head (T-rex). You can also walk down the hill to reach the beautiful beach.
  • 14.30 PM Arriving at Paluang Cliff. In this place you can enjoy the charm of Kelingking Beach from another angle that is no less beautiful.
  • 16.00 PM Arriving at Crystal Beach, You will see a stretch of beach with a panoramic view of a small island in the middle of the sea, you can also do sunbathing and swimming activities on the beach while enjoying the sunset.
  • 18.30 PM Go to Dinner at Greenkubu Penida or Penida Colada
  • 20.00 PM Go to Hotel

Day 2

  • 08.00 AM Pick up at the Hotel
  • 08.30 AM Briefing and preparation for snorkeling
  • 09.00 AM Snorkeling start, ready to do Nusa Penida snorkeling with 4 spots, namely: Manta Bay, Gamat Bay, Wall Point, and GT Point/Crystal Bay.
  • 11.00 AM Snorkeling finish
  • 13.00 PM Arriving at Tembeling Beach, Tembeling Beach and Forest take the spot as a rarely visited tourist attraction that offers a natural pool of springs flanked by a hill with a stretch of ocean
  • 14.30 PM Back to hotel, rest and relax
  • 18.30 PM Go to Dinner at Greenkubu Penida or Penida Colada
  • 20.00 PM Go to Hotel

Day 3

  • 08.00 AM Pick up at the Hotel
  • 10.00 AM Arriving at Tree House (Molenteng), Instagrammable photo spots of several wooden houses on trees with views of a cluster of small islands (the Thousand Islands) and the expanse of the Indian ocean.
  • 11.00 AM Arriving at Raja Lima/The Thousand Islands, Not far from the tree house you will enjoy a cluster of small islands in the middle of the ocean like Raja Ampat Papua.
  • 13.00 PM Arriving at Diamond Beach, Enjoy the charm of white sand with diamond-shaped white coral in the middle of the beach, to reach the beach you will go down the stairs flanked by cliffs and on the way you are treated to a diamond swing.
  • 14.00 PM Arriving at Atuh Beach, Not far from Diamond Beach you will find a stretch of green hill with a view of Atuh beach visible from the top of the hill, there are stairs to climb down.
  • 15.00 PM The last tourist attraction on the Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour is Teletubbies hill, enjoy the charm of a cluster of hills like the hills found in the children's movie series in 2000 (Teletubbies).
  • 15.30 PM Back to Nusa Penida harbor, check in a ticket at the fast boat counter.
  • 16.30 PM Return to Sanur by fast boat.
  • 7.15 PM Arrive at Sanur harbor and drop off at your hotel.
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