Amok Sunset Exotic Restaurant and Bar with Sunset Background in Nusa Penida

Amok Sunset is a bar and restaurant located in Nusa Penida, a small island included in the province of Bali. Being opened in August 2018, the bar and restaurant don’t only offer a fancy menu, it faces the west in one spot. This way, you can watch exotic sunsets every day.

Furthermore, another spot of the restaurant also faces the gorgeous Mount Agung. Besides, you can also take a look at Gamat Bay when standing up from the other viewpoint. For the great location, it is reasonable if Amok Sunset is almost always fully booked.

Amok Sunset Restaurant and Bar

Sure, what to offer in Amok Sunset is more than that. The popularity simply increased only after a few months the restaurant was opened. Until now, this restaurant is considered one of the best tourist destinations when joining Nusa Penida tour that must be visited. So, here are some more things you can enjoy in Amok Sunset.

A Traditional Bamboo Building

The restaurant’s indoor and outdoor decorations focus on the implementation of a traditional look. That’s why instead of using permanent bricks as the main material, Amok Sunset tends to use bamboo pieces.

The traditional bamboo building is a smart idea to make visitors feel that they are really in the area of Bali. It is designed in such a way as to highlight traditional elements. The nuance of tropical feels well as the restaurant is surrounded by coconut trees and green bushes.

Almost all parts of the building are made using local materials. The management of Amok Sunset said that the restaurant brings 3 principles, they are to keep the environment, to show the beautiful scenery around, and to enable visitors to have a great experience all day long.

Amok Sunset Nests

If you have extra money when visiting Nusa Penida, it is not bad to spend some more to enjoy the Amok Sunset Nest. What is it? It is a tall building of 3 meters with a small open room on the top. It reminds you of the nest of birds on the tree.

When you are in the nest, you can enjoy the landscape of Nusa Penida from a height of 360°. Sure, it will be an unforgettable experience not to miss.

As information, the Amok Sunset Nest is more than just a spot available in the restaurant and bar to watch the scenery. It has a set of VIP tables in it. Therefore, if you want to enjoy it, you need to pay more. Make sure to book it earlier for your group since many people are just interested to enjoy the nest.

Tasty Foods and Beverages

Amok Sunset Bar cocktail

Going to Amok Sunset seems not complete without enjoying their menu. Well, the foods and beverages offered here are not only delicious but also typical. The chefs and staff here create their own menu to make the restaurant different from others. Uniquely, there are fusion foods that combine international and local menus. The ingredients and herbs are all local anyway.

Are you a vegan? Don’t worry since some dishes and drinks here are designed for you. They are animal-free but made as well as possible to enable anyone to enjoy them.

For the drinks, there are mainly 2 types available here: cocktails and mocktails. The cocktails use high-class alcohol drinks including vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey, and more. Uniquely, the restaurant also offers international-class cocktails using Balinese traditional wine.

On the other hand, mocktails are a group of non-alcohol drinks. They are still made from high-quality materials including fresh fruits. Are you on your diet program? Make sure to tell the waitress to lessen the amount of sugar in your drinks.

Amok Sunset Pool

When planning to Amok Sunset, don’t forget to prepare a swimsuit and enjoy the pool. Different from other swimming pools, Amok Sunset Pool is surrounded by bamboo tiles to make the environment more exotic. Moreover, you can also enjoy the beautiful twilight in it.

Yes, the swimming pool area is placed to face the west when the sun goes down. It is the best time to perpetuate your moments here with your camera. Of course, you can also enjoy your favorite dishes and cocktails with you.

After enjoying the sunset in the pool, you can continue your time in Amok Sunset until the night. Aside from the delicacy of the dinner menu, there is live music and a techno party to conduct with many international DJs. So, are you interested to join Nusa Penida tour with Amok Sunset as one of the destinations?

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