Angel Billabong, a Hidden Natural Pool in Bali

“Wow that's so cool”, that's what you might say when you see this charming river mouth for the first time. No wonder this place makes anyone who looks at it immediately stunned by its beauty. This nature is called Angel Billabong.

The mouth of this river is not called Angel Billabong without a reason. "Angel" literally means angel, while "Billabong" means a dead-end river. So it fits the shape of this place which is shaped like a dead-end pond or river surrounded by rocks.

Due to the clarity of the water and the extraordinary views, residents consider this estuary only suitable for bathing angels, this is also why this estuary is named Angel Billabong.

We often encounter this unique phenomenon in the form of a dead-end river mouth that is directly connected to the sea in Australia, but it is rare in Indonesia. So this hidden paradise in Nusa Penida Bali is a natural tourist destination that is still rarely visited by tourists.

There you will see the water at the mouth of the Angel Billabong is very clear. When viewed from above, it looks like a beautiful blue-green combination.

How to Get There

This unique river mouth is positioned adjacent to the Pasih Uug Beach Cliff. To get to the Angel Billabong pool, you can take a speedboat from the Sanur Bali pier. Sanur Pier itself is not far from the tourist center in Bali, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to reach.

Be Careful When Swimming

Although it’s beautiful, you must be careful when swimming in this natural pool. You have to pay attention when the sea water is high and when it is receding. When the water recedes and then suddenly rises, it will cause very strong waves. So it is very dangerous to swim in these conditions.

It's better if you don’t visit and swim in the Angel Billabong estuary alone. It’s safer if you are accompanied by friends or local people. Also, keep in mind, avoid swimming around the center of Angel Billabong, because oftentimes there are high tides with strong waves.

A very Instagramable location 

This dead-end estuary in Nusa Penida can be said to be an instagramable place. The coral cliffs around with beautiful shapes make this place even more interesting for taking pictures. So it is suitable for those who like to capture beautiful moments with loved ones.

You can also use a drone to record or capture your moments in this very clear natural pool from above. It's best to see this place from high above, because the water will look clear, covered in small waves that are swept by a gentle breeze.

Adjacent to other Tourist Attractions

When you visit Angel Billabong, you don't need to worry about feeling bored, because the location is close to other tourist attractions. There are Toyapakeh, Kelingking Beach, Goa Giri Putri, and Manta Point to name a few among others.

These natural destinations have their beauty and uniqueness, for example Kelingking Beach. This beach has a prominent uniqueness. The beach cliffs resemble the shape of a pinkie finger, so it is called Kelingking Beach. Then there is also a cliff shaped like the neck of the ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex).

Toyapakeh is a tourist village whose population is Muslim. This is unique because the majority of Balinese, especially Nusa Penida, adhere to Hinduism. So if you are a Muslim, there is no need to worry about halal food when visiting Angel Billabong. You can find it in Toyapakeh Village, which is located not far from Angel Billabong.

That's an interesting review of Angel Billabong which is perfect for those who want to refresh your mind from the fatigue of working daily. Have a nice holiday.

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