Delicious Nusa Penida Restaurant Recommendations

The beautiful natural charm of the island of Nusa Penida makes the island always crowded and increasingly popular among tourists. Moreover, there is a delicious Nusa Penida restaurant at the right price.

8 Recommendations for Delicious Nusa Penida Restaurants

Nusa Penida offers stunning nature. This 202 square kilometer island has many beautiful, clean, and not-too-crowded beaches. It's no wonder that Nusa Penida is called a piece of heaven in Bali.

Besides that, there are also many good restaurants in Nusa Penida with comfortable places. The following are recommendations for restaurants in Nusa Penida Bali that you can visit while on vacation:

1. Secret Penida

Secret Penida Restaurant

It has always been a favorite place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food quality here is excellent, with a mix of Western and Eastern dishes.

You can sip fresh young coconut with the sea breeze here. Apart from that, you can also see the turquoise sea against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Agung in Bali.

2. Amok Restaurant and Sunset Bar

Amok Nusa Penida Restaurant

If you want a restaurant with a beach club-like concept, stop by Amok Sunset View. This restaurant has a swimming pool that directly overlooks the beach. As the name implies, Amok Sunset View also offers a view in the form of a charming sunset panorama.

Its flagship menu includes grilled rice, pizzas, burgers, and steaks. Amok Sunset View is also located in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali.

This restaurant is perfect for relaxing in the afternoon. Guests can dine on the magnificent bale, by the pool, or in the 3-meter-high bamboo nests.

There is classy food and the broadest range of wines here. The variety on the island is one of many attractions here. The place is an excellent viewpoint and is one of the best sunset spots in Penida.

3. Coco Leaf Resto

Cocoleaf Resto is located not far from the beach in Batununggul Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali.

The menu at this restaurant is dominated by Western food, such as burgers, pizzas, and pasta. There are also Indonesian menus, such as grilled chicken and fried rice.

Cocoleaf Resto is also suitable for breakfast because it serves a variety of delicious pancakes. This restaurant is open every day from 08.00-00.00 WITA.

4. Fresh Seafood Ayu Nadi Resto

Fresh Seafood Ayu Nadi Resto is located on Jalan Ped-Buyuk, Ped, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali. The location is on the seafront, so the view is the open sea.

As the name implies, Fresh Seafood Ayu Nadi Resto does have a mainstay menu in the form of various seafood. You can enjoy fish, octopus, grilled squid, and fish soup. This restaurant is open every day from 08.00-22.00 WITA.

5. The Chill Penida

The Chill Penida is located in Batununggul, about 20 minutes from Toya Pakeh Harbor and 10 minutes from Buyuk Harbor. This restaurant in Penida offers delicious food and fantastic views.

Your experience at this restaurant will be unforgettable as it is known for its stunning ocean views and relaxing atmosphere, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Besides offering a wide menu of delicious international and local dishes, The Chill Penida also serves signature cocktails as well as local beers.

The Resto and Bar also feature live music and other entertainment options, making it the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the evening.

6. Penida Colada

Penida Colada Nusa Penida Restaurant

The food, the fun, and the view are simply incredible. The restaurant offers a stunning view of the ocean and a view of Mount Agung towering in the distance as you enjoy your meal. The unique homemade menu here is smoothies and cocktails.

In addition to the restaurant, the venue also has a bar that is popular for nightlife, with live music and other entertainment options. The bar is known for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and stunning views, making it a must-visit for visitors looking for restaurants in Nusa Penida.

Many visitors have commented that this restaurant in Nusa Penida is famous for its delicious food and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Green Kubu Penida

The location of this Nusa Penida restaurant is not far from Crystal Beach and the luxury hotel Adiwana Warnakali Resort. The restaurant is built in a hilly area overlooking the exotic mountain and sea views. Green Kubu is not only a culinary place but also a theater to enjoy the dishes served while watching cultural art performances.

Green Kubu Nusa Penida Restaurant

There is a man-made infinity pool directly overlooking the ocean, as well as a performance stage and a gate with Mount Agung in the background. Besides enjoying delicious local and international dishes, you can also order cocktails and beer to relax and swim in the infinity pool while enjoying the beautiful sunset view.

8. Coco Penida Restaurant

Looking for a beachfront restaurant on Nusa Penida Island? Look no further than this stunning spot, perfect for a full day of exploring and ending with a beautiful sunset. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a refreshing cocktail, this restaurant is sure to deliver.

The ocean view is breathtaking, and local artists often perform live, creating the perfect ambiance. Not only is the food delicious, but it is also made with locally sourced, healthy ingredients. You won't be disappointed by this selection of Nusa Penida restaurants.

Conclusion for Nusa Penida Restaurant

Those are some recommendations for restaurants in Nusa Penida, Bali, that can be your culinary reference. Which Nusa Penida restaurant caught your attention the most?

Treat yourself to a culinary adventure in Nusa Penida, Bali, where various dining options await you. Whether you're a foodie or want to enjoy the local flavors, restaurants in Nusa Penida offer an authentic culinary experience.

But wait, how do you get to Nusa Penida? A private tour is a perfect solution to explore the island hassle-free. You can book a Nusa Penida tour, travel any time, and enjoy the natural beauty of Nusa Penida without worry.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a culinary journey and discover the best restaurants in Nusa Penida. Whether traveling alone or with friends and family, you will find something satisfying your cravings.

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