Gamat Bay Nusa Penida – A Guide

Gamat Bay Nusa Penida is one of the gems in Bali. It is a perfect spot for scuba diving, playing with fish, or simply for enjoying a day at the beach. Thus, if you plan to enjoy the experience of visiting Bali then you shouldn’t miss out on this place.

This article will show you why Nusa Penida – especially Gamat Bay – should be on your itinerary. Besides, you won’t be disappointed because this place is close to a list of spots when it comes to where to eat in Nusa Penida.

About Gamat Bay Nusa Penida

The presence of Gamat Bay might not be as popular as its little sister, Crystal Bay. Located in Nusa Penida, the bay and the beach are surely more secluded than other destinations in Bali. Also, it looks like an aquarium but the waves are kind of nice too.

Since the spot is small and secluded, you have to get through a difficult path to get there. If you are up for some adventures, starting from a hill that faces the beach would be a good idea. After that, there is a steep footpath that you should tame to touch the beach.

Keep in mind that this spot is isolated. It means that you might not see anyone down there, other than some boats that bring people for snorkeling and diving in the morning. More than anything, Gamat Bay is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy serenity and having fun at the same time.

Snorkeling in Gamat Bay

snorkeling at gamat bay

It is always best to bring the snorkeling on your own. Another way is by renting them on the way before parking your motorcycle in the parking lot – no one is on the beach, though. Also, make sure you bring the flippers because the tide is quite strong. For your safety, please follow the snorkeling rule.

Generally, visiting the bay can be included in a Nusa Penida day-trip. If you are using a professional tour guide then Gamat Bay would be a super fun place to visit during the day.

Scuba Diving

If you need something more challenging than snorkeling, then you should consider scuba diving in Gamat Bay. Divers agree that this place is one of the most stunning underwater places underwater.

There are plenty of fish species that will blow your mind. And if you are lucky, you may run into some sea turtles. Again, this trip will be more fun if you sign up with a good tour and travel company.

When is the Best Time to Visit Gamat Bay?

Generally, Gamat Bay Nusa Penida is open all year round. Still, you should pay attention to the tropical climate of Indonesia – and Bali, of course. Visiting Nusa Penida between May and September is a good idea. It also allows you to explore the cave around the island.

Those months are when the weather is dry so you can freely explore the entire island or underwater life. Other than that, May to September is a perfect time for a small outdoor party. More than anything, visiting Nusa Penida during the dry season is always more pleasant.

Final Words

Enjoying Bali without visiting Nusa Penida won’t be the same. To get the best experience ever, you should try visiting this island with a Private Tour Nusa Penida. You will get a full-package service that will show the best sides of Nusa Penida.

Feel free to plan your snorkeling activities in Gamat Bay and you won't have to think about how to get to the island in the first place. And that's enough for you to know about Gamat Bay Nusa Penida. Complete your holiday experience by snorkeling at Gamat Bay with Private Tour Nusa Penida.

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