How to Get to Nusa Penida? Here Are 5 Transportation Options You Can Consider

Are you already in Bali and want to cross to Nusa Penida island? But you are still confused about how to get to Nusa Penida. Here are some ways, including the type of transportation you can use to get to the island.

Transportation Modes You Can Use to Nusa Penida

To arrive at Nusa Penida, you must use sea transportation. You can use the following types of transportation :

1. Fast Boat

This transportation is a favorite vehicle for many tourists. Many companies provide this fast boat service.

You can board this boat from the Sanur pier. If this Boat departs from this pier, it takes about 30-45 minutes to arrive at Nusa Penida.

However, the travel time will be short if you choose to depart from the Kusamba or Gunaksa docks. It only takes 20-25 minutes to arrive at the destination pier in Nusa Penida.

This Fast boat has a different departure schedule depending on the boat company. This ship can depart 2 to 3 times a day round trip, so you can schedule 1-day trips. Go in the morning and come back in the afternoon.

2. Fast Boat From Gili

For those of you departing from Gili to go to Nusa Penida. There are three fastboat companies operating, namely Eka Jaya Fast Boat, Golden Queen Fast Boat and Semaya One Fast Boat. These ships operate seven times a week.

3. Roro Nusa Jaya Abadi Ship

Passengers who prefer to use this ship can carry many goods, such as basic necessities, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and many others.

The Roro ship operates twice a day, morning and evening. The morning departure schedule starts from 08.30 WITA-09.30 WITA, and the afternoon departure schedule starts from 17.30 WITA-18.30 WITA.

Those of you who want to depart with this ship must go to Padang Bai pier. By taking on the Roro boat, you will arrive at the Nusa Penida pier within 1 hour.

Ticket prices vary depending on the class you choose. There are two class options, namely VIP and economy class. Ticket prices for children and adults are also different. Each item you bring will also be charged a different rate depending on the type of item.

4. Cruise Ship

The company that provides this cruise is Quicksilver. If you want to enjoy a sea trip before arriving at Nusa Penida, you can take this cruise from the Tanjung Benoa pier. This ship will later dock in ToyaPakeh.

This cruise ship not only provides entertainment on board during the trip, but you are also still spoiled with various facilities when you arrive at Toyah Pakeh.

Some of them are snorkeling, banana boats, semi-submarine boats, and watersport games. You will also be invited to take a walk around ToyaPakeh beach.

5 Motorboat

This transportation is commonly used by local residents who want to go to Nusa Penida. In addition, Hindus who want to take the spiritual journey of Tirta Yatra prefer to use this ship because the cost is cheaper.

This ship is a traditional boat with an engine attached to its back. It can carry many passengers in 1 unit. You can also buy tickets to take on this boat, but you must wait for the departure until the passengers are full.

You have to go to Padang Bai, Kusamba, or Tribuana pier to get on this motorboat. And you will arrive at Nusa Penida after taking 1 hour of travel.

You need to know ships heading to Nusa Penida will dock at different piers depending on the policy of the ship management company. There are four piers on Nusa Penida where ships usually dock: Sampalan, Banjar Nyuh, Toya Pakeh, and Buyuk. 

After you know these five above modes of transportation, you surely don't need to be confused about how to get to Nusa Penida. However, the various modes of transportation have different rates. But you are free to choose. You can adjust it to your budget.


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