4 Best Attractions at Peguyangan Waterfall

Those who love visiting places with a lot of water, like beaches or waterfalls, must consider traveling to Nusa Penida. It is a special island close to Bali in Indonesia. There is a beautiful Peguyangan Waterfall and many other waterfalls around the island.

The location of this waterfall is hidden. To reach the waterfall, visitors must ride their vehicle on a challenging road before they can finally park the vehicle. And then they still have to walk to reach the waterfall. The stairs next to the cliff are steep enough.

Best Peguyangan Waterfall for Adventurers

After a long journey, you are going to witness the most gorgeous waterfall on the island. This waterfall has many attractions to explore. Water won’t be the only thing to see. Just like some other destinations in Bali, there is a temple in this destination. What else can you find in this tourist destination?

Below are some attractions that are going to entertain you and make you forget about the long and tiring trip.

1. Infinity Pool


One thing that makes the pool more stunning is the infinity pool. The natural pool is made of eroded rocks. There is not only one natural pool in this waterfall. Some pools are hiding under the huge eroded rocks. The pools will get the water when the high tide hits them.

Those pools are super gorgeous with a view facing the wide blue ocean. The edges of those pools are still natural with a light brown coral reef around the water. Some mosses are covering some of the stones of Peguyangan Waterfall pools.

2. Segara Kidul Temple

Bali is full of temples where Hindu people gather and pray. One of those temples is Segara Kidul Temple which is guiding the waterfall area. Before entering the temple, the guide is going to prepare you so that you won’t hurt the chastity of the temple.

If you want to explore the temple, you should wear your most proper outfit. The temple’s gate is huge and looks elegant. This temple is in the most unique location. It is hiding behind the cliff. However, Hindu people and tourists can access the temple easily.

3. Sunset at Peguyangan Waterfall

sunset view at peguyangan waterfall

Those who are looking for a perfect place to enjoy the sunset should consider visiting this waterfall. The clear water of this waterfall is reflecting the color balance of the rocks. The green moss is covering the rocks and the brown color of the rocks creates a peaceful combination for visitors.

This place is getting much more gorgeous in the afternoon when the sun is about to leave the earth. Find the best spot where you can watch the most beautiful colors of the sunset. Enjoy the majestic rays of the sun when they hit the water.

4. Take a lot of photos

infinity pool peguyangan waterfall

Don’t fly to Nusa Penida without your camera. At least, keep your phone fully charged before exploring the island. There will be many best spots to be the most outstanding backgrounds for your photos. This waterfall, for example, offers the beach, infinity pool, and rocks as your background.

However, since you are going to enjoy the freshness of the natural pool, make sure that you keep the camera and smartphone, and other belongings in the safest place. Don’t let the water ruins your holiday simply by letting it enter your bag full of stuff.

Accessing Peguyangan Waterfall

Do you think this waterfall is going to be the best destination? Then you need to keep your body fit before flying to Indonesia. To reach the waterfall, you must step on around 870 stairs. While walking on the stairs, you are going to see the mighty cliff framing the beautiful ocean.

When you finally reach the waterfall, the view is way more spectacular. The waterfall is the ideal location to enjoy the ocean view. The crystal clear water on the sea allows you to spot some marine animals like mola fish and manta rays. If you can’t find those animals, your trip is still worth it.

Now, if you believe this waterfall is going to be your upcoming destination, click here to book a tour package. Each package is about to let you see the glory of Bali. Just make sure to pick a package that will also take you to Peguyangan Waterfall and some other waterfalls on the island.

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