5 Fun Activities at Tembeling Beach

Couples from across the globe love visiting Nusa Penida Island where they can have a romantic vacation. Many tourist destinations on the island are natural destinations that offer the most romantic atmosphere for couples. One of those tourist destinations is Tembeling Beach.

People have a special name for this beach, it is a natural pool and forest. In this destination, there are some different attractions to entertain you. This means there will be many activities you can do when visiting this wonderful destination. What should you do when visiting this place with your partner?

Best Activities to Do at Tembeling

Tembeling beach and forest

When visiting this incredible destination, you are going to see three different attractions. This means there will be a bunch of fun activities you can do in one place. Whether you are visiting this destination with friends, families, or by yourself, make sure that you do these things before leaving the beach.

1. Swimming in The Shallow Pool

Swiming at Tembeling Beach

The beach has two natural pools. One of them is smaller and shallower. This pool is the right one for those who want to swim but don’t trust the deeper pool. The water inside this smaller pool looks super clear and inviting. Stones around the pool make it look perfect.

If you come to Tembeling Beach with your younger ones, the smaller pool will be much safer for them to swim. Keep your eyes on your younger humans and make sure that they stay safe while swimming in this natural pool.

2. Jumping into the deeper pool

Another natural pool in this destination is 10 meters long and 8 meters wide. The depth of the pool is also 10 meters. Make sure that you take a swimsuit when you leave the resort. When you reach the pool, it is time to jump from the edge and enjoy the freshness offered by the deeper pool.

This pool also looks inviting but it belongs to those who have experience in swimming. If you are a newbie, consider swimming in the smaller pool. The bigger and deeper pool is not for kids. Watch your little ones and make sure they don’t jump into the bigger pool.

3. Enjoying the beauty of Tembeling Beach

Just next to the pools, there is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and white sand. You should step on the beach and enjoy the beauty. Enjoying the waves is safe, just don’t swim too far from the shore. If you don’t want to step on the beach, there are stones where you can sit.

Let the wind touch your skin while you let the beauty of Bali waters refresh your eyes. The blue color of the water and the greens of the trees are going to heal your soul. You will be ready to get back to the city and do whatever you have to do for life.

4. Taking a bunch of photos

view tembeling beach in Nusa Penida

The beach and two pools can be outstanding backgrounds for your Instagram photos. Take a lot of selfies when you are visiting Tembeling Beach. Don’t forget to explore the forest where you can breathe the freshest air. There’s also a small cave in the forest.

The locals accidentally created this small cave from rocks. Those photos you took while enjoying nature on this beach will be a great invitation for your friends at home. Share your happiness by showing them your pictures.

5. Visiting the temples

This beach is located near Crystal Beach and it has some temples to visit. The biggest one is Tembeling Pancuhan Temple. Some other temples to visit are Panca Gangga Temple, Batu Bolong Temple, and Pesimpangan Ratu Kanjeng Temple.

The locals are still visiting those temples. If you are planning to visit one or all temples around the beach, show some respect by wearing a proper outfit. Hindu people around the beach are using the temples for worship. You shouldn’t wear your bikinis to explore those temples.

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