5 Things That Make Seganing Waterfall Unique

When you are planning to spend your upcoming holiday in Bali, you should know that nature on this island is the best. Consider adding waterfalls, beaches, and other nature destinations to your list. And one of the most recommended waterfalls to visit is Seganing Waterfall.

The name of this waterfall, Seganing, isn’t as famous as other waterfalls on the island. This waterfall’s location is hidden and it only allows those who are fit enough to reach waterfall. The access isn’t as easy as some other waterfalls. However, the look will make you want to come back again.

Seganing As One of The Best Waterfalls

The beauty of Seganing Waterfall

The location of this waterfall is in Klungkung, Nusa Penida, Bali. Its hidden location makes the waterfall look gorgeous since not so many people can reach it easily. If you want to visit this waterfall, you need to have enough time and energy so that you will reach the waterfall on time and enjoy its beauty.

What can you do when you finally reach the waterfall? Is the waterfall has facilities for visitors? How much should you pay to access this beautiful waterfall? Below is the answer to those questions. Check these details first before planning your trip to Bali.

1. The beauty of Seganing Waterfall

In the past, the name of this waterfall was Sebuluh Waterfall. The locals used that name because of its location which is on an arid and barren hill, in Sebuluh Village, Nusa Penida. The waterfall is now everyone’s favorite because of its unique location.

While many other waterfalls in Nusa Penida are in the middle of the woods, this one is hiding under a steep cliff in a dry area. And what makes it more beautiful is its location which is just next to the ocean. The water that comes from the cliff gaps flows directly to the sea.

2. Soaking in a natural pool

Unlike some other waterfalls on the island, Seganing Waterfall won’t let you swim in the natural pool under the waterfall. The pool at the end of the waterfall isn’t too big. However, it still allows you to soak and enjoy the water while seeing the beauty of the sea.

You won’t find the sensation of the infinity pool in this waterfall. But unlike the seasonal waterfall anywhere else, this waterfall will always give you a lot of water and a beautiful ocean view from its small natural pool.

3. Fishing

This waterfall is not only a tourist destination. The locals around this waterfall love to visit this area and start fishing. When you finally visit this waterfall, you may see some locals trying to catch fish around the waterfall. Its location offers comfort for the locals to fish.

You too can take your fishing equipment and start catching the best fish around this waterfall. Let your wife soak inside the pool while you are fishing in the most natural place with the ocean as your background. This is going to be the best experience during your visit to Bali.

4. Facilities at Seganing Waterfall

All waterfalls on the island are offering many facilities for visitors. A parking area is available for those who come with their private bike or car. Some stairs ease each visitor to reach the waterfall. To enter the waterfall area, visitors need to get a ticket from the retribution counter.

The local government is offering those facilities in the waterfall series on the island to keep each visitor feeling comfortable. Use the facilities mindfully so that other visitors can also enjoy their visit to this unique waterfall.

5. Closest attractions to visit

Close to this waterfall, there are some other wonderful destinations to visit. Crystal Bay, Angel Billabong, and Broken Beach are going to let you enjoy nature after visiting the waterfall. If you cannot visit those destinations at once, book a hotel close to those destinations so you can access them easily.

Natural pool at seganing waterfall
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