A Complete Guideline to Visit Tree House Nusa Penida

No vacation in Bali is complete without enjoying the beauty of the Tree House Nusa Penida, located in the tourist area of ​​Raja Lima on the eastern side of Nusa Penida Island. This treehouse is also called Molenteng tree house.

You can watch the sunrise from the top of the rocky cliffs against the backdrop of the blue sea and white sand beach. This will be an unforgettable experience during your holiday trip to Bali.

The Uniqueness of Tree House Nusa Penida

This tourist attraction is unique. As the name suggests, a tree house is built on top of a tree. So, this house is on height. From this treehouse, any tourist can enjoy an extraordinary view. You can also stay in this tree house, Bali. 

What sets this treehouse apart from other treehouses is the view. You can see the view of Atuh Beach from here. In addition, you can also enjoy the view of the thousand islands from this house. You won't find views like this anywhere else.

Routes and Access to The Tree House

It takes extra effort to reach the Molenteng Tree House. To enter Nusa Penida's territory, which is off the mainland island of Bali, tourists need any available means of transport - speedboats.

You can cross from the Sanur Denpasar pier, Padangbai Karangasem or Kusamba Klungkung to Banjar Nyuh Port at a rate of 75,000 IDR or less than 5 USD for one across.

In addition, you will also have to travel overland by motor vehicle, which is approximately 45 minutes from Banjar Nyuh port. Once there, you must descend a cliff and climb steep stone steps. But at the top, fatigue is rewarded with stunning views.

Booking Accommodation at the Tree House

Of course, if you want to chase the sunrise and have a more optimal travel experience, it is recommended to book accommodation at Tree House.

The price of accommodation in Molenteng Tree House is very high, 500,000 IDR or about 32 USD. Additionally, these prices do not include the cost of food.

However, if you want to leave quickly, you can take photos and enjoy the view of Nusa Penida for 25,000 IDR or 1.60 USD. Each tree house has a maximum occupancy of 2 people. On the other hand, there is a public toilet on the south side of the house on the stilts.

Tips Holiday in Tree House Nusa Penida

To visit Treehouse Nusa Penida, here are some tips to make your holiday trip a breeze.

1. Please Bring the Essential Things

The walk up to the treehouse is quite long and steep, so you don't need to bring too much luggage. Especially if your purpose is to take pictures and not stay overnight. Tourists must descend the cliff by stone steps. This stone stairway is steep, so you need the patience to get to the inn.

2. Bring Your Cash

If you decide to stay overnight, you should prepare more money. This is because his nightly rate at the Nusa Penida Treehouse is very high and does not include meals. Not to mention the cost of transportation to and from the treehouse area.

3. Online Booking of Accommodation

To avoid having to bother arriving at the location, you should book your tree house inn online in advance to get the best price. Depending on the conditions and circumstances, the accommodation fee may change.

Also, there are only three houses on stilts where you can stay, one of which is in the form of a treehouse. For this reason, we recommend booking in advance to check availability. 

4. Buy Food from the Locals is the Best Choice

Room rates do not include meals. This area has a stall on a cliff near the entrance. However, usually the seller wants to bring your food downstairs.

Therefore, it is advisable to exchange contact information over the phone and agree with the smaller first before deciding to spend the night. This makes it easy to get food without walking to the stall.


Those are some information about Tree House Nusa Penida, Bali. Suppose you are interested in taking a vacation to Nusa Penida. In that case, you can use the Nusa Penida private tour service with decades of experience with various foreign tourists who come to the island of Nusa Penida. For further information visit Nusa Penida Private Tour.

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